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Cardboard meets plastic: the dualTRAY from bartling.

Benefits for the environment, and a boost for sales.

Stability meets freshness.

We use polypropylene made from high-quality granulate material to produce our dualTRAY. This creates a taste-neutral, puncture-resistant and grease-resistant product that keeps foods fresh. Our dualTRAY uses only a small amount of polypropylene along with a cardboard sheath to create a stable base for transporting foods – to a refrigerated supermarket display, as well as to the consumer’s home refrigerator.

Ecologically beneficial.

According to surveys by the GfK (the Society for consumer, market and sales research), 70% of consumers believe packaging made of paper and cardboard is better for the environment. Because of this, these materials are highly important to positioning at the point of sale. After all, that is where purchasing decisions are made. The FSC seal serves as an additional sign of quality for sustainability-oriented consumers.

The future is sustainable.

With our dualTRAY, we are making an innovative contribution to the environment: All of the material, consisting of a cardboard sheath and polypropylene tray, is 100% recyclable. We always maintain the highest standards for all of the materials we use and in production.

dualTRAY von Bartling

Truly eye-catching.

Our dualTRAY helps create attention-grabbing packaging! A striking packaging design is a great way to generate interest at the POS – make sure your product gets noticed! The cardboard sheath can be digitally printed in small print runs, while larger print runs with added technical requirements can be finished using the printing process selected by our customer. Printing is completed quickly and professionally.

Plastic meets cardboard.
Make the right decision now – choose dualTRAY.

With our modern dualTRAY, we have created a 100% recyclable, freely customisable, and sustainable packaging option. We are reducing the percentage of plastic used in our products step by step, sending a key signal for the future. The combination of cardboard and polypropylene offers stability, transportation security, and a great appearance. At Bartling, progress is a part of every process.

Be number 1 at the point of sale – with the dualTRAY.

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