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100% performance 30% less plastic

Why choose the Flex-Light TRAY?

100% stability

Our innovative Flex-Light TRAY plastic trays promise 100% stability for transportation and sales. Packaging is subject to very high requirements for durability and great appearance. Making the right impression in the freezer aisle is key. Despite containing 30% less plastic, the tray retains its stability.

Trusted quality

To entice consumers to make a purchase, food needs to look fresh and appetizing. Our Flex-Light TRAY offers one hundred percent freshness protection, and a guaranteed high-quality appearance. In addition, the plastic trays are easy to stack thanks to their shape. 


Today, if product development doesn’t keep factors like ecology and sustainability in mind, it can’t be considered innovative. Our product development is extremely advanced and forward-thinking, thanks to our modern technology. Our Flex-Light TRAY is also 100% recyclable, and contains 30% less plastic. This saves energy during production and reduces CO2 emissions.
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Ready 2 go

Do you want to make the switch to the Flex-Light TRAY? No problem! Our modern plastic trays integrate perfectly into your production process, without requiring retrofitting. No added costs, no production downtimes. The Flex-Light TRAY works well on modern packing machines.

For a better eco-balance – 30% less plastic. 100% recyclable.

We successfully reduced the plastic content of the new Flex-Light TRAY by almost a third – without sacrificing product safety or quality, and with no restrictions in terms of freshness or appearance. The tray remains stable and 100% ready for use – with no need to retrofit production. At Bartling, we are always thinking about how to make our products more sustainable and more advanced, to the benefit of our customers. That’s what we at Bartling call innovation. Request a product sample or personal advising on the Flex-Light TRAY today.

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