Economy, ecology and social affairs in harmony.

Fruchtalarm and us

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Out of responsibility for employees, the environment and our region.

Bartling also has economic goals; we want to continue growing together with our customers and be successful in the market. But not at any cost. Responsible corporate management at Bartling means that we carefully consider and weigh the effects of our actions on the most important pillars of society.

It starts with our employees, who have often been with us for decades – often in the second and even the third generation. For this strong team, we have an obligation to remain economically successful by investing in innovative systems and expert knowledge.


We also take responsibility for the world in which we live. Sustainable production conditions that are as environmentally friendly as possible have been important to us for decades – also for our suppliers. We are known in the market for innovations that protect the environment.

It is particularly important to us to support initiatives and social projects in our beautiful region to the best of our ability. And thereby doing good for the weaker members of our society. For example, we have been a partner of the non-profit GmbH “Fruchtalarm” from the very beginning.


This now offers unusual, healthy fruit cocktails for children and adolescents with cancer at 33 clinic locations – and puts a smile on your face that brings variety to everyday ward life. Among other things, we provide the initiative with high-quality, transparent cups – with a fruit alarm logo, of course. These lidded cups not only bring out the cocktails to their best advantage, but are also extremely tight, so that you can even drink while lying down.


If you want to know more about this project or would like to donate to it, you can find more information here!