A commitment to
quality packaging.
Since 1959.

You can count on bartling's quality advantages.
Developed down to the last detail – BARTLING solutions are famous for their sophisticated design. Our products ensure optimal filling, transportation, and storage. Continuously reducing materials while maintaining stability protects the environment – and your cost structures. From transportation to recyclable components in the dual system. We are always conducting research to improve the basic characteristics of our outstanding packaging: Food shelf life, impact resistance and air permeability, as well as leak protection and suitability for the freezer or the microwave. We use high-quality PP granulates, modern extruders, and certified production processes. The first-class quality of our cover and cup decorations generates key impulse buys at the POS. We help your brand and your product claim truly stand out to consumers. This is a key success factor, one we recognised early on. because of this, investing in print innovations has been part of BARTLING’s DNA since we were founded.

Perfectly economical and ecological. Signed, sealed, and delivered.