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Uniting market requirements and environmental awareness

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With a high-tech machine fleet and a highly qualified development team, we deliver innovative ideas. Not all of them become popular right away. We developed packaging made of a plastic-cardboard composite over 20 years ago, for instance. But it took until now for us to make a breakthrough in the area, with the dualTray.
Less plastic and more cardboard meets with consumer approval – as sensitivity for environmental concerns increases. Because of this, we are expanding this successful packaging innovation to cups and other products.
Material reduction and recycling capability of the initial PP material we use is also a major concern. The Flex-Light TRAY is proof of our innovative capacity in this area. It reduces material consumption by another 30% – while delivering 100% recycling capacity and performance.

We are now lowering our water and power consumption – making us a pioneer in the packaging industry. Our water consumption has been reduced almost to zero. Our power consumption for processing at just 200 degrees is also a benchmark within the industry.

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100% performance with 30% less plastic
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Your plus at the PoS: The strong double made of cardboard and plastic